Here's something you're not going to believe---but it IS true.   The folks at Direct TV is going to the dogs.   The folks that may be providing your home TV service is going to start a new network in August and it's all aimed at canines.



If you're wondering it going to be for all breeds and the network called "DogTV" will air fairly short video clips in 3 basic catagories....they are exposure, stimulation and relaxation.   The premise is to offer some kind of entertainment for doggies that are left at home when their owners are not at home.  They figure this should eliminated chewed up shoes, ruined leather couches, a pair of shoes all chewed up, and other bad doggie behavior.    AND yes---this DogTV channel will cost the dog's owners.  The price hasn't been set quite yet!  But it will be available come August.   Wow---TV going to the dogs!!!   I wonder if they will show re-runs of "Rin Tin Tin" and "Lassie?"