We all have a particular physical type of the opposite sex that we find more attractive than others. For me--I really find "the girl next door" look very attractive.  Never really been attracted to redheads, but perhaps for you it's a blonde, or a brunette or that fiery redhead.   Some of us even have multiple types, which really keeps things interesting! Even some celebrities have a type. Just line up their former partners – and at times it’s hard to tell them apart---they look sooooooooo much alike.  I have a list of celebrities who definitely  have a "type."  Check out this list:


Jennifer Aniston: She likes those good looking Hollywood pretty boys – like Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughn and now Justin Theroux.

Leonardo DiCaprio: If she’s a young, tall, blonde supermodel chances are she has been out with this star of the "Titanic."  And he goes through a lot of them.

Demi Moore: She likes them younger than  her and a bit on the grungy side− such as Ashton Kutcher when Demi & Ashton first got together.