I will be honest---I'm NOT much of a drinker...maybe a daquiri once or twice a year is it.  I have seen too many people get rip roaring drunk and embarrass themselves and those around them and I like to be in charge of me.   But--if you must drink......


Here’s a rundown of some places you should never drink before showing up:

Any sporting event you’re playing in – If you’re in the stands, no problem. Drink away. But if you’re lacing up your cleats and actually playing, you don’t want booze sloshing around in your gut.

Gym – Bench pressing while intoxicated could actually kill you.

Job Interviews – Sure you’re nervous, but having a drink to calm your nerves – and showing up with booze on your breath – is a bad play.

First Date – You can get a little loopy with your date, but don’t get a head start on her. It won’t end well. (Uncoached.com)