When it comes to couples a little teasing and poking fun is such a natural, flirty part of a relationship that it's easy to get carried away. But just because guys are hardwired to hide their insecurities doesn't mean they don't have them. Avoid accidentally hurting your guy's feelings by avoiding these delicate topics of teasing – even if you are only teasing or maybe joking.


His fear of balding or his receding hairline: This is a pretty BIG ONE it's a really good idea to never, ever joke around about a guy losing his hair – it's not a laughing matter for men!
  (Never mention seeing Rogaine in his bathroom!!)

•His height: This really comes into play for guys who are on the shorter side(thinking like Tom Cruise here).  It's a good idea not to pointi out that when you wear heels you are the same height or taller than him – he will not think it's very cute!

His family: He is allowed to make fun of them and talk about them behind their backs all he wants--whether it's a brother, cousin, uncle, or even his mama, but you are never allowed to!

•His body: If you don't want him to point out any of your physical flaws don't do it to him either!

His inability to grow a full beard:  If he tries, but just can't grow a full beard, dont give him a hard time about it.  Most every male believes that they can look a bit like Grizzly Adams if they want to – let him keep the dream of a full beard alive! (TresSugar)