We have all done something stupid while we're driving.  I'm guilty--we all are.  But I've discovered some people really take stupid driving to a new level.   Perhaps they leave their brains at home when the get behind the wheel.   I will share what I saw a guy doing the other day right here in Bismarck at the corner or Capital Avenue and 19th Street, but first, here's my list of Dumb Things People Do While Driving...see IF you're guilty of any of these!


#1)Reading – While getting caught up on your latest paperback is a good idea, doing it while you're behind the wheel and driving--DUMB!!!

#2)Eating – We all eat, but think BEFORE you try to eat a salad, or a really messy burrito when behind the wheel--DUMB!!!

#3)Putting on Makeup – This is primarily for the ladies, but think of this---when you rear-end someone, at least you’ll look pretty.

#4)Smoking and Talking on a Phone at the Same Time While Driving – This to me is super DUMB!!!   Multi-tasking at its finest. Or, most pathetic. And this is just what I saw a guy doing this past week.  He was in a dark SUV, and the light changed and he just sat there.  When I passed him, he was on his cell phone and smoking at the same time while he was driving----this guy get my "Bonehead Of The Week" Award.  How stupid can someone be??   (Uncoached.com)