Football legend Mike Ditka visited North Dakota last week to speak at a grand opening ceremony for the largest Bakken Shale wellhead facility and the largest Watford City, ND oil facility. During his 30-minute speech, he praised the ambition present in Western North Dakota and also found time to take a shot at President Obama.

"What I’m seeing here is America at its best,” Ditka said. “People who have an idea, a dream, and then they make it work. They have ambition, they have intestinal fortitude and they go get it. That’s what impresses me.”

Ditka, a well-known conservative, also expressed regret for not running against President Obama in 2004 to be the Illinois representative for the US Senate:

Biggest mistake I’ve ever made. Not that I would have won, but I probably would have and he wouldn’t be in the White House.

Pretty strong words from an opinionated legend. Do you agree with him? Could Ditka have kept Barack Obama from the White House?

[Source: The Dickinson Press]