The latest trend when it comes to an alternative to smoking real cigarettes is what is called an "E-Cigarette."   Many adults use them instead of a real smoke--but when it comes to kids in middle school and high school---Mom & Dad---make sure your kids steer clear of these E-Cigarettes.   Incidentally both Bismarck & Mandan have banned the use of these E-Cigarettes for anyone under the age of 18.  Good move in my book---especially when you read what I have for you below here!!



New study shows that students who use electronic cigarettes are much more likely to smoke real cigarettes – and less likely to quit smoking the real cigarettes– than those students who do not use the e-cigarettes.  And adding one BIG reason to keep the school kids away from E-Cigarettes---the kids that use them are likely to smoke regular cigarettes alot and become heavy smokers, and none of us want our kids to do that!!

All I can say is "YIKES!!!!"