I have a pretty good metabolism, and I stand at 6'0" and weigh in at 183.  So, I don't have a lot of excess pounds...I could always tone up a bit...but burning calories and getting lean and mean isn't really that that hard.  Simply make your health a focus and do some of these fairly easy things that will help to burn calories and in turn---burn fat!


Here's some tips from Your Early Morning Radio Pal that are easy enough to do on a daily basis to burn off some of those calories!

•Drink a cup of Green Tea

•Eat more hot peppers

•Make sure that you include protein when you eat

•Get up off your hind end. and get moving a bit when you have the chance

•Play some sports

•Get enough sleep each night.

•Pick up a book and read rather than sitting and watching television (ThePostGame.com)