I currently live by myself and I really like it.  And looking back--there's been a handful of times that I have had a roommate and I can think of some "roommates from hell" that I shared an apartment or house with to cut back on expenses.     One guy when I was 19 was Larry---he was a royal pain in the butt.   And I did have a roommate steal stuff from me--I come home one day and my stereo and speakers are gone.  I did eventually get them back, but---obviously that guy was not a good roommate at all.



If you're current roommate really sucks it seems there are some things you can do to inspired them to leave. Like, right now.  

•Get yourself a pet rat.

•Make a list of everything you do that makes them angry … then go ahead and do them all.

•Make them think the place has ghosts.

•Make their allergies go crazy if they're alergic to animals by getting dog or cat

•Best of all----tell them your mom’s moving in. (CollegeCandy)