The McDonald's of the future is offering endless french fries and the future is now at some locations.

There are so many reasons people love McDonald's, but I would think most people LOVE their french fries. Could endless fries be coming to a Bismarck location? Maybe!

The newest McDonald's in St. Joseph, MO is a triple decker restaurant offering table side service and so much more than the traditional McD's, and if you place your order through the new kiosk, and order a chicken or burger sandwich, that order comes with bottomless fries!

Earlier last week, the fast food chain made headlines by going a bit more healthier by serving chicken nuggets and some breakfast items with no artificial preservatives, and they plan to eliminate high fructose corn syrup from all of its burger buns by the end of the month.

Just maybe, endless fries could come to a Bismarck-Mandan location near you!