Well---it's that time of the year when lots of weddings take place most every weekend, and we all know how expensive it to pull off a wedding, and now the cost of just attending a wedding has skyrocketed---up a whopping 75% during the past two years.  Grab your wallet or purse when you read this:


Going to a wedding now costs--get ready to get a cash advance on your credit card----an average of $592, with $308 of that going to travel expenses ana hotel room, and around $164 for clothing and accessories.  And guess what--that doesn't even include buying a wedding gift for the bride and groom to be.   It's almost enough to make you check that "NO" box on the RSVP to save some bucks.   All I can say is "YIKES!!!!"   I think that ol' eloping is really beginning to sound like the way to go!!(MarketWatch)