If you find yourself totally exhausted at work--and a lot of us do, it could be due to the fact that you’re always being bothered by co-workers or phone calls, and emails!!


A new study of 300 people found that the more often the interruptions they had at work---people stopping by to say hello, a multitude of those ever-lovin' emails, and of course telephone calls), the more these workers felt physically tired and worn out.    The study didn't say why this actually happens, but they believe it's because being interrupted stresses you out, and it turns out when you do get stressed your body releases stuff called cortisol, and this is the stuff that makes you tired and can make you gain weight.   So I say crank up COOL 98.7 on your radio or on-line, close your office door, and see if that makes you a little less tired at work..... (Women's Health)