Extra calories don’t just expand your waist - they also shrink your brain! That’s from a recent New York University study that found that as we gain weight, we lose brain cells. And the majority of the loss happens in the part of the brain that limits impulsive behavior, which makes saying “no” to dessert increasingly difficult.

Here are 3 other surprising ways that obesity alters our brain:

The more you weigh, the less you enjoy food. Meaning, you need to eat more to get the same level of enjoyment.


Yo-yo dieting makes you more likely to binge. When yo-yo dieters get tense, they eat significantly more than those whose weight stays pretty steady.


Obesity harms our memory. Researchers found that every one-point increase in a person’s body mass index is matched by a one-point decrease in their scores on a memory test.  Obesity-related brain-cell damage significantly increases the risk of dementia.