I'm on Facebook each and every day with a little bit of encouragement, and of course what we'll be doing at the Cool 98.7 Breakfast Table every weekday morning.   Facebook has been instrumental in me connecting with old friends and former co-workers and it keeps up up to date on all that is happening in their world, and they can know what's happening in mine.   Shocker  here...Facebook is really doing something good for us!!

While younger people are already getting tired of Facebook, older people are coming on strong with the social network – and are actually enjoying special benefits like improved memory.

Researchers found that older adults, aged 68 to 91, who used Facebook for just two months showed a 25 percent improvement in their working memory.

The idea is that all the connections of Facebook, with status updates, comments, and photos, gives people serious a mental workout.   Think I'll put on a pair of sweats and do a little Facebook workout.  Sound good to anyone else?!?!?!