As one man in Fargo has learned, not even a basket of muffins can make up for stealing over $3,000 in prescription pills from your former employer.

According to InForum, Michael Gary Glessing, of Fargo, has been charged with one count of misapplication of entrusted property:

Court documents filed with the charges state that Chad Nelson, owner of Metro Drug in downtown Fargo, reported to the DEA on Oct. 28 that Glessing had stolen $3,251.03 worth of Schedule II medications on his last day of work, which was Sept. 6.

The DEA recovered the drugs from Glessing, who, they told Nelson, admitted stealing them.

Glessing then left a letter of apology, a check for the worth of the medications and a basket of muffins and cookies on Nelson’s front doorstep, according to the criminal complaint.

Glessing's first court date has not been set.

Might I suggest bringing a fruit basket to court to try and entice the judge into giving you a lighter sentence? I mean, the basket of muffins didn't exactly work. Just a thought.