If you're a free spirit who loves the smell of patchouli, there's only one place in North Dakota you should go: Fargo.

Thrillist recently set out to find the 'Best Hippie Town in Every State' and it really shouldn't come as a shock at all that Fargo took the top spot in North Dakota.

As to why Fargo is North Dakota's best hippie town, Thrillist pointed to the painted bison that dot the city, along with stores like Unglued, Bakeology, and Twenty Below Coffee, which allows you to pay what you want for a cup of joe.

The fact that North Dakota State University also resides in Fargo definitely helps its hippie status.

And, just imagine what will become of Fargo if the medical marijuana measure is passed in November. The city could become a hippie mecca!

Looking for other top hippie towns in the surrounding states, just head to Duluth (MN), Missoula (MT), or Spearfish (SD).

You can find the best hippie town in your state by visiting Thrillist HERE.