Sad news for fans of West Fargo, North Dakota native Andrina Brogden, who was cut from American Idol Tuesday night in a confusing new feature the show called Rush Week. Sadder still is the fact that the reason 19-year-old Andrina, along with four other contestants, was cut, is mysteriously unclear.

For last night's elimination round, all fifteen of the show's top contestants were placed alone in booths, where they waited to see if their names were called. If they were, they were rushed onstage to perform (hence, "Rush Week"). If their names were not called ... they were going home. Oddly, there was no apparent rhyme or reason behind who was called and who was not.

Fans of the show, and of the singers who were cut in particular, are confused and upset about this new twist, which seemed completely at the discretion of the show's judges, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr., and left no opportunity for fans to vote for their favorites, or even see them perform. What is more, some of those that did perform, many believe, gave mediocre - possibly their worst-yet - performances to date.

For her part, Andrina went out in class, with only this to say on the matter:

With that big voice and even bigger drive, Andrina will certainly make her mark. Unfortunately, it just won't be on this season of American Idol.