The Fargo Police Department has announced the death of Lieutenant Jeff Skuza from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound in the early hours of Tuesday morning (March 11).

Jeff Skuza (Fargo Police Department)

Police Chief Keith Ternes addressed media during a very somber press conference, saying officers were initially called to an area near Holy Cross cemetery outside Fargo city limits around 4:30 Tuesday morning. Upon arrival, they discovered Skuza. "Today is a bad day for the Fargo Police Department," Chief Ternes said. "And tomorrow likely won't be any easier."

Chief Ternes also said it would be unfair to speculate as to why Lt. Skuza took his life, but he did note the hardships and stress officers face on a daily basis. Ternes also discussed how instrumental Skuza was in developing a crisis intervention team for the department to help other officers work through difficult circumstances.

[Source: WDAY]