Thursday, February 26th, WDAY anchor Kerstin Kealy will get an opportunity other TV anchors would kill for: a one-on-one interview with the leader of the free world.

Kealy is one of a handful of TV anchors from across the country that will have the opportunity to sit down with President Barack Obama at the White House this Thursday, according to The Grand Forks Herald.

Kealy will be on-hand for a full day of briefings, covering everything from economics to jobs, before sitting down with Obama.

No other anchor from North Dakota, South Dakota, or Minnesota will be in attendance. Kealy was told that White House staffers had seen her work and 'thought it would be a great match.'

WDAY will run Kealy's one-on-one interview with President Barack Obama Thursday, during their 5pm, 6pm, and 10pm news broadcasts.

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