Gotta little something here that probably won't surprise you---Looks like our average wait time at fast-food drive-thru's are getting slower.   In fact our visits are lasting about 15-20 seconds longer when we swing by for our favorite fast food.


And you may wonder why!  Well it seems the days of simple burgers, fries, tacos and a soft-drive are long gone.  Fast food places are now offering a lot of variety on their menus--like salads and even some of that "fancy" stuff, and the variety is your culprit as it does take longer to prepare stuff on a more diverse menu.    And what I've discovered recently here in Bismarck, when I see a number of cars waiting at a fast food drive-thru--I simply grab a parking place, go inside, place my order and get my food and I'm on my way faster then the poor folks still waiting in line to place their order.    This happened to me a couple of times in the past week and perhaps if you try my idea of parking and heading on in to get your food to go---you may be satisfied and eating a little bit quicker!  The restaurant where this happened will remain nameless to protect the innocent!!