Dad's big day is coming up on what do you do for that father of yours, hmmm?   I can tell you--personally, all I like is a nice card or phone call, or just time with my kids.    But according to my buddies who are also dads, the stuff they DO NOT want to get this Sunday--Father's Day gets down to this:


To be taken out to dinner at a fancy place with a dress code--most guys don't want to dress up.

To be taken out to dinner when there is a game on he'd rather be watching at home on TV--like the NBA Championship series or the Twins playing Baseball on TV.

To be told the celebration will be held on another date because it's more convenient to you---that's simply NOT being very thoughtful--hey it IS HIS day!

Some kind of tool or something that he likely already has.

To be asked to try something brand new---unless he IS really adventurous.

And keep in mind I am a dad--and I know first hand!!