Gotta be honest--I'm not much of a drinker.  Never have been a fan of beer, and if I have an alcoholic beverage---maybe it'll be a daquiri and maybe one of those a year is it for me.  I prefer my Welch's grape juice, along with iced tea and hot tea---my personal favorite.  But when people do have a little too much to drink, here's what they love to eat---in the state here it is #1---Pepperoni Pizza!!!   Elsewhere in the world:



Mainland China – barbecue skewers of chicken, beef and veggies.

Canada – North of the border they love French fries topped with cheese and gravy

Mexico – maybe not too much of a surprise here---tacos

Ireland – mashed potatoes and butter--that actually sounds like comfort food to me!!  And I'm talking REAL mashed potatoes---not out of a box.

Turkey – pita wraps

Iran – Persian pizza … veggies and sausage, but no tomato sauce

Japan – ramen noodles--sounds like someone here in the states on a budget!!

Germany – hearty sausage with ketchup and fries with mayo

Czech Republic – a grilled cheese sandwich

  England – those ever lovin' cheese fries (Coed)