Even though online dating sites have made it possible to meet people without leaving the comfort of your own home, there's still something to be said for getting out there and approaching people face-to-face.

Singles know that a match can be made anywhere -- school, work, the gym, or ... the grocery store.

The challenge at the grocery store, of course, is that you have to figure out whether or not the person you're approaching is actually single.

Here's a way to figure out if a guy is single just by looking in his grocery cart:

One or two TV dinners: May be attached, but his wife or girlfriend could be away for a couple days.

Three or more TV dinners: Single

Cheap beer: College kid, probably single

A bunch of frozen pizzas: Single

Axe body spray: Single

Pack of Handi-Wipes: Married with kids

People magazine: Attached -- and his wife or girlfriend is in charge

Microwave burritos: Single

Thin milk carton: Single

   Half-dozen eggs: Single