We all know about first dates and how stressful they can be.  You want to look great and I'd say women go to pretty long lengths to find just the right outfit.  BUT---keep this is mind---new research says that the colors you choose to wear can influence your chances of getting to have date #2!


A new survey of a thousand men and a thousand women discovered that there IS a link between attraction and the colors someone wears.  Most men said that these two colors---Yellow and Brown---were mostly likely to be a turn off.   On the other hand a couple of colors guys like alot---Red and Black!

So--ladies when you're out for a first date---NO BROWN OR YELLOW and guys---NO PINK OR YELLOW.  

Me--I like wearing Navy, and black---a couple of my personal favorite colors!


So ladies, unless you want an out on your next date, don't wear brown or yellow – and certainly don't wear the two colors together! (Cosmo)