Looks like with winter-time here, it just may be good ol' cold and flu season.  And if you haven't gotten around to getting your flu shot or let's say you're just not going to get one.  You will want to do stuff to avoid coming down with something yukky.   According to some health professionals----they say don't shake hands--but go ahead and decide to opt for the fist bump!



Looks like saying hello to someone with a fist bump vs. a hand shake reduces the number of those germs that can actually  be transmitted.   Even if you wash your hands, researchers say that 80% of us don't wash our hands properly or good enough to kill those ol' icky germs.      A fist bump reduces the amount of skin you're exposed to as well as germ contact time, making the transfer of those germs a lot tougher.   So---a fist bumping we will go, eh?? (Today)