We're always looking for clues that explain what others are like -- especially in our romantic
Well, according to various surveys, a man's food choices offer great insights into his
personality and outlook on life.
Chips and Extra-Spicy Salsa -- Guys who like spicy flavors are confident, up for anything and
love to travel.
Ham and Cheese Sandwich -- He is independent and tends to be thoughtful, inquisitive and
Double Cheeseburger with Fries -- Men who reach for burgers enjoy low-key activities and are
serious homebodies.
Pizza with the Works -- You're with someone who's dramatic and thrives on being the center of
attention. The more toppings, the more aggressive and competitive he is.
Vanilla Ice Cream -- Just because he likes vanilla doesn't mean he's boring. Just the opposite,
in fact. Vanilla lovers don't play by the rules and are risk takers.