Oh my gosh!  7 years old and the ink is just drying on a $3 Million Dollar Deal for Suri Cruise?  Guess Tom and Katie have to be proud parents, eh?


Most little girls dream of wearing beautiful clothes.

But Suri Cruise isn't just wearing beautiful clothes ... she's designing them now.

TomKat's daughter – who's 7 – just signed a deal worth almost $3 million to design her own line of clothes.

The line, aptly named Suri, will be sold all over North America and will even have boy's clothes available after a while.

When asked why a 7-year-old girl needs her own clothing line, a source summed it up by saying, “This is a nice hobby for her; it’s certainly not going to take over her life. Most girls dream of being able to make their own clothes; this just means her drawings will now become a reality."

If she needs a hobby so bad, may we suggest gymnastics or bedazzling? (The Sun)