Christmas 2013 has officially come and gone and I hope you received some very nice, very thoughtful gifts from family and friends this Christmas.   But I'd be willing to bet that not each and every gift was a perfect fit for you, and I've come up with 4 ways to deal with less than perfect Christmas presents.  

Try to Return It – The good news … You might be able to get some in-store credit for your lousy gift. The bad news … Stores will be loaded full of shoppers and they’ll probably make you jump through a bunch of hoops before getting stuff resolved to your satisfaction.

Regift It – If your Christmas celebrations aren’t over yet, there’s a chance to unload your gift on an unsuspecting friend or relative in the next few days. Or … You can sit on it for a year and give it to someone next year----Christmas Day, 2014.

Donate It – Don’t be so selfish! It’s the Christmas season, so offer your unwanted stuff to those less fortunate.
  This is actually the best idea out of the four in my humble opinion.

Sell It on Craig’s List – One man's trash is another man's treasure.  So how about making a few bucks, since those ol' credit card bills will be arriving in the mailbox fairly soon!