Ladies---some men are just afraid of the "C" word---Commitment.   They just can't do t for one reason or another. Sometimes they just need a little encouragement to change their thinking.

Linea has come up with the Top 10 Surprising Ways To Get A Guy To Commit. This list has some pretty interesting ideas. Let's just say it sounds like reverse-psychology. Check it out ...

1. Love him, but don't be his girlfriend. Being a girlfriend makes things too serious too fast. Before you get a commitment from him, don't commit to him.

2. Don't be exclusive until you're engaged. Men feel pressure when they can sense their significant other is very serious about marriage. If you relax, he will, too.

3. Date more than one man at once. Keep your eyes open to meeting other men. Why should he buy the cow if he's getting the milk for free? Date other men until he is sure you are the one for him.

4. Be able to receive love. Show him that you are open to emotions and love.

5. Don't try to win him over. Don't do too many mommy or friend things for him. This will cause him to look at you in a way that you don't want.

6. Tell him what you want. Don't shy away from being direct and honest. However, be prepared – you may not always like what he has to say.

7. Tell him how you feel. Express your true feelings. If he has to guess, he won't be able to understand you and connect.

8. Be vulnerable. If you show your guy you are sensitive and for real, he will be able to let go of any fronts he has and be himself.

9. Be in touch with your feelings. The better you know yourself, the better you will be at handling your emotions.

10. Allow him to be who he really is. Be real and true to yourself. He will then feel like he can be open with you and be himself. (YourTango)