Don't know about you---but as a kid---we got to "enjoy" those ol' Swanson's TV Dinners.  I like the ham with sweet potatoes and green peas.   I do have a crazy story about what happened one night when I decided to pop one of these gourmet delights into the oven!


Well it was around 830 and I had a long day at work, but I was hungry--so I put the Swanson Frozen TV Dinner--the ham one in the pre-heated oven for it's scheduled 25 minutes, sat down on my couch and proceeded to fall asleep.  Woke up around four hours later at 1am and found my TV Dinner has changed from a regular meal to Cajun---it was blackened.  Never have forgotten that.   Aren't the frozen microwave meals we enjoy now---soooooooooooo much better!!!  I really love the Marie Callendar Teriyaki Chicken...chicken, rice, broccoli and carrots and low in fat and calories and YUMMY!!!   At Wal-Mart I can pick one of those up for $2.50 and be a happy camper!  By the way--notice the price sticker on the Swanson's Frozen TV Dinner--a bargain at 89 cents!!