There seems to be a trend sweeping across the nation. We are finding more uses to for our four legged friends.

A funeral home in the Fargo- Moorhead area now employs a dog to help customers with grief.  Korsmo Funeral Service in Fargo - Moorhead has an 9 year old cockapoo named Barnabas. At work they call him Barney! According to co-owner Ruth Korsmo, Barney is not a trained dog but just assumes the role. As people would come in for assistance, they would just instinctively start to pet Barney and it would calm them down and help them get their thoughts together.

By visiting the website, you'll see Barney is on the homepage under the grief section. Ruth Korsmo and her husband George own the funeral home. As life evolves, they would move and kept moving further away from work, so they started to being Barney to the funeral home with them, the canine just evolved into the position.

Ruth told a reporter last week-

“If there’s somebody who’s especially needy, he just seems to know who that is, and he’ll sit down and let them pet him,” she said. “It’s kind of a distraction for them.”

Dogs are now being used in various roles mostly in  the medical field to help with PTSD, their super nose can sniff out problems with patients before it happens and even some hospitals employ dogs on staff in various cities.

John Moore / Getty Images