When it comes to watching televisiion.  I LOVE NCIS, NCIS: LA, The Blacklist, Once Upon A Time, Sleepy Hollow, The Arrow, and I do love the Fox News Channel.   Did you notice I didn't mention any reality TV show?   I will be honest IF I never see another episode of Survivor, Big Brother, another show about Lindsay Lohan or the Kardashians that will be way too soon for me!!   But it seems people love their reality TV and it turns out there are 15 new reality shows hitting the small screen this year, and I have a few that really make me scratch my head and ask "Really????"   Check them out!!



      Married At First Sight– (A+E) A computer matches up strangers who will tie the knot upon their first introduction. (I would think as a sequel--their divorce special will air soon after).

      Curvy Girls Bridal - (Discovery) Because apparently if you're not a size 2, you need a show that shows women squeezing their hips into their wedding dress.

      Tree People - (Discovery) Literally a show about people who actually live in trees---a tree house reality show---please?!?!?!

      Welcome to Allentown (Discovery) The show follows a "musical family" who live on a bus together.   I'm thinking didn't we kinda have that show back in the 70's---it was called "The Partridge Family!!"

Now you can't say you weren't warned by your Early Morning Radio Pal! (Cosmo)