Here at COOL 98.7---we have a real Halloween Treat just for you!!   On Thursday night the 31st--Halloween---COOL 98.7 is going to broadcast the original 1938 Mercury Theater presentation of "War Of The Worlds," just the way it aired 75 years ago in 1938.  People that didn't hear the disclaimer at the beginning of the broadcast really thought Martians had invaded and this broadcast caused panic in many parts of America.


Since 1938's original from the genius of Orson Welles, there has been a 1953 movie with Gene Barry and another just a few years ago with Tom Cruise as the star.   Both films had great special effects.    



And in 1978, along came the musical version of "War Of The Worlds" from Jeff Wayne---and it features an incredible narration from the late Richard Burton and music from David Essex and from Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues--who was just here in Bismarck performing with the Moody Blues.    We'll get everything underway Halloween night at 8pm!    It's "Theater Of The Mind" at it's best!    So--kick back, grab some Halloween candy and enjoy!