Christmas is literally just days away--and for the guys--it means it IS time to get something special for your wife or girlfriend---and if you screw this up---it may mean a few nights in the doghouse.  So, to avoid curling up with your pooch----IF you get something really great for HER---you can find the holiday season will be better for everyone!!  Including you!!  Here's a list of stuff you can get that is pretty much guaranteed to make her SMILE!!!


Here’s a rundown of some gifts that help you make her smile:

•Photo album/Photo collage/Photo collection – This will drive the point home about how you’re always thinking about her in a way that’s very nice, classy and it really can make a romantic statement and you won't be creepy. Plus, it doesn’t cost a lot. Bonus!

•Lingerie – This is an excellent choice to positively reinforce a woman’s confidence in her self and in her beauty.

•Jewelry – No need to spend, spend spend---seriously.  Even something casual like a pair of earrings will make her smile!

•Gift card to the spa or nail salon – Usually gift cards are pretty much a no-no, but if you think about it---most women love being pampered, and guys---you don’t even have to do the pampering. (