I'm up early weekday mornings around 330, and I usually make a stop at the Hardee's by my house on my way to the COOL Breakfast Table to pick up a breakfast sandwich and a large coffee.   And I DO love eating a big sit-down breakfast.  My favorite place in town IS the Cracker Barrel.   To me it just doesn't get much better than that.   Although Denny's here in Bismarck serves up a good breakfast as well.   For you BIG Breakfast Eaters---especially women---here's some good news for you!!


According to a new study, the folks who eat a big breakfast are able to lose more weight than those who ate their largest meal later in the day.  Good news for you ladies----those females who consumed their largest meal at breakfast, lost an average of around 18 pounds and 3 inches off their waistline, and the group of women who ate their biggest meal at dinner time lost only 7 pounds and an inch and a half off of their waistline.   Another bonus for BIG Breakfast eaters---those women had a lot less hunger hormones, which really helped them feel more full and a lot less likely to snack later in their day.....so ENJOY A BIG BREAKFAST!! (Wall Street Journal)