Hey--are you one of those folks who like to stay in late at night---maybe doing some shopping at Wal-Mart, or Dan's Supermarket, or grabbing a late night meal at Denny's or at Perkin's?   May driving over the Missouri River on I-94 or the Bismarck Expressway just to pass the time.  IF I didn't have to be up mornings around 345, I'd probably be more of a night owl.    But---I do have some good news for you IF you're a Night Owl!



According to a new study, people who stay up late and sleep later in the morning have higher levels of intelligence, more prestigious jobs, and higher incomes.

Spanish researchers found that "night owls" score higher on reasoning tests, which tend to lead them to better careers, while morning people do better on general schoolwork and memorization.

So if you’re ever told to go to bed, ignore those people, as you can probably get a better job than them by burning the midnight oil.