North Dakota has received a reputation as one of the best states in the country, but not everything that comes from North Dakota is great.

The folks over at Mandatory recently put together a map of the 'Worst People from Each State'. Names on the map include Jeffrey Dahmer (Wisconsin), Richard Ramirez (Texas), and Charles Manson (Ohio). And, who did Mandatory think was the worst person from North Dakota? None other than Gordon Kahl.


According to his Wikipedia page, Kahl was involved in two fatal shootouts with law enforcement officers in 1983.

The first shootout occurred in Medina:

On February 13, 1983, U.S. Marshals attempted to arrest Kahl as he was leaving a meeting of township supporters in Medina, North Dakota for violating his parole. In the car with Kahl were his wife Joan, his son Yori, and three others who had been at the meeting. According to Scott Faul's testimony, both Gordon Kahl and Yori Kahl were armed with Ruger Mini-14 rifles. The conflict began when federal marshals created a road block a few miles north of Medina. During the ensuing shootout, U.S. Marshal Kenneth Muir and Deputy Marshal Bob Cheshire were killed. Kahl then took the vehicle of a Medina law enforcement officer and fled to Arkansas.

The second shootout occurred in Smithville, Arkansas:

A tip was received by authorities from the youngest daughter of the property owner's land that Leonard Ginter and his wife Norma Ginter lived on. Kahl hid in their earth-bermed passive solar home in Smithville, Arkansas. Another shootout ensued on June 3, 1983, in which Kahl and Lawrence County Sheriff Gene Matthews died. Despite Federal Marshalls and FBI SWAT teams firing thousands of bullets into the home before setting it alight, Kahl was killed by a single .41 Magnum bullet fired by Sheriff Gene Matthews, who died on an operating table critically wounded by a bullet from Kahl's Mini-14.

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