I started my career in high school--my first radio job in Seattle, so with the exception of taking a few courses at a community college and trade school i never got any big student loans and started off life in debt.  But that's not the case with everyone---lots of people have thousands and thousands of dollars is student loans, and I don't believe you can even declare bankruptcy and get rid of them---they live with you and can haunt you forever.


While the $1 trillion worth of student loan debt is crushing students and graduates alike, the U.S. government is laughing all the way to the bank.  This is a shocker our Dept. of Education is expected to cash in and make some massive money--like $50 billion dollar is profit for this year, which is up nearly 50% from 2012.

How much of a money-maker and profit IS this?   Here's the shocker---it’s very close to the amount of money that Apple and Exxon-Mobil will be taking in this year.   AND it's 3 times as much money as Wal-Mart will see in 2013.  That's ALOT of CASH!!!