Here's my bizarre story of the day here---down in Australia--a guy--fairly wealthy proposed to a woman he had been seeing and she says "no," and get a nice bill for around $185,000---the amount the guy says is all the money he spent on her while they were seeing each other.


The 42 year old woman--"Marie" shot down the guy's proposal.   He is 65-year-old Bruce.   And Bruce decided after Marie says "no" to his proposal---he wants to reimbursed for the cost of  all of the gifts and goodies he lavished on her--these items included some Zumba classes, lots of shopping trips, some dental work, tupperware, birthday parties for her kid, a $25,000 unpaid loan and Bruce paying for a tummy tuck for Marie.    Here's the odd part---Marie says she never thought the relationship with Bruce was ever romantic.  Bruce on the other hand---said that Marie simply led him on so he would buy  her stuff.   And now he wants his money back.

Think that Bruce is right demanding the money back?   (