Gotta little "Intel for your life" when it comes to dating.   Most guys have a pretty good idea on a first date---don't be checking the e-mails on your phone, or text messages, don't talk about politics and be very nice to your waiter or waitress.   Well---now we add something else to the mix----DO NOT SMOKE!   


A new survey from the on-line dating reveals that 51 percent of singles say that taking a smoke break on the first date pretty much ruins the chances of getting a second date.  The really interesting thing is that those surveyed were BOTH non-smokers and smokers. Even 60 percent of smokers say lighting up on the first date is a major red flag.    Smoking is one of my personal pet peeves and I remember I met a gal on line about 10 years ago--she was very cute--looked a lot like Sandra Bullock and we went to dinner and a concert.  The concert was at a casino and she kept excusing herself from the show and then would return.  I asked if she was ok, and she said she was going out to smoke.  And I thought to myself "I hope you're enjoying this date, because this will be the last one we'll be going on."   Needless to say after the concert I took her home and explained that I do NOT date smokers and what a turn-off and pet peeve of mine it is.   So we went out separate ways and no---we did NOT have date #2.