Since I am your "Early Morning Radio Pal" I thought I'd share something for the guys---a list of things you should NOT get your wife or girlfriend for Christmas---this will keep you out of the proverbial doghouse!!!  And here's your list of "no-no's!"


Again--guys be VERY CAREFUL what you pick out!!

Workout Equipment -- You may have the best of intentions, but she'll take it to mean that you think she's not in shape and overweight.

Any Kitchen Appliance -- Again, this is not the right message to send to her.

A Pet -- BIG MISTAKE!!   Giving her that cute little puppy comes a ton of responsibility that she is NOT really looking for.

Stuffed Animals -- When she was 5 or 6--a great gift--but NOT for a grown up woman!

Clothes -- Unless you know her exact size and know for sure it's what she wants...this is another big NO-NO!!

Gift Certificates -- Unless it's for a day spa, nail salon or Victoria's Secret--it makes guys look clueless and lame.

Source: Guyism