Now that it's summer here in the Dakotas(FINALLY!!!) and it's time for guys to take your shirt off at the lake or along the Missouri River, or the pool, don't you wish you'd worked out and toned up over the winter? Don't worry about it. There's a way to get that great toned look ... and you don't need to step foot in the gym.


According to Details, with some grooming tricks, you can actually create the illusion that you're as fit as an athlete, and all you need are clippers or scissors. That's right – all you need to do is trim some hair on your body.

They suggest clipping your belly hair shorter and leaving your chest hair longer. This is said to sharpen the line under your pecs and create a false contrast. And if you have a line of hair going down the middle of your belly, leave it. It actually creates the illusion of some muscle definition.

So invest in some good scissors, trim up ... then eat and drink all you want and enjoy your summer.  And just maybe the ladies will enjoy their summer a bit more as well---thanks to those ol' scissors!!!