Alrighty--with the weekend here---A little relationship "Intelligence For Your Life" here....Ladies--I have a list of 10 guys worth dating--at least one time!



The much older man ... to get that creepy Dad thing out of your system.

The too-good-looking-for-me-guy ...Those are your insecurities talking, and you should tell them to shut the heck up.

The dumb jock ... because there's a lot to be said for endurance.

The potentially gay guy ... for the potentially forever friendship.

The pretentious intellectual ... because, if nothing else, you'll learn a lot.

The Euro snob ... because you can steal his cool fancy bath products.

The non-committal guy ... because he's a rite of passage that will bond you with every other woman on this particular planet.

The guy who wants to be saved ... to teach you that you can't do that for anybody.

The money-hungry guy. You'll quickly scratch "rich" off your wish list.

The cute, but dorky guy ... because in the long run, dorky might not matter. (This one would be ME!)