Since I moved here from Spokane back in July---I do what I can to keep in touch with my buddies and friends back in Washington State, and I ran across some good ways to make sure those special friendships do last---even though there may be many miles inbetween.  Whether you moved away to accept a new job, or you skipped town, moving away from your friends can be hard.


It’s easy to forget about each other and let the friendship slip into no man’s land, so here are a few tips to hopefully keep that from happening:

Text always – It can be as simple as a quick inside joke or just saying “hi,” but keeping that communication open will keep you at the forefront of each other’s minds.

Visit – We know you probably didn’t plan on spending valuable vacay days in Boise, Idaho … but if that’s where your BFF is, you should really consider it.

Make a schedule – This can be hard if your time zones are off, but try to schedule times to talk. (The Frisky)