In this life is their really such a thing as your "soul-mate?"  I know there are certain people you know belong together.  I have some friends that fit that description to a "T."  They are Ron & Helen Buckner, and there's no doubt those two are just meant to be together, but what about the rest of us---there's a new survey out and it looks like around 3/4 of us are NOT with our true love.


This survey--just out says that 73 percent of people are not with their true love right now – and are just “making do” with the person that they are with.  And there's more to this survey---around another 20% of people wound up meeting their "soul-mate" after they were married or with someone else.  And the last part of this survey---a bit surprising to me---turns out almost half of us would leave our current spouse or partner with actually be with our true love.  What say you?? (CBS News)