Here it is, Halloween Week and I found a list of haunted places in North Dakota according to Haunted Here we go, first on our list is St. Joseph's Hospital in Dickenson. According to the website employees have reported all sorts of strange activities in the hospital such as the elevator to the morgue runs up and down by itself; voices are heard in the cafeteria; and nurses are called to empty rooms by patient intercoms and the sound of footsteps have been reported in the basement. That's enough to make me stay home to get well.

In Bismarck, the site lists The Apple Creek Country Club. Employees say they see the image of the former chef. Also in Bismarck on the listed is the Liberty Building where employees say they hear voices and their name being called when no one is present.

Other places listed on the website is a park in Fargo and a bed and breakfast in upper North Dakota.

Do you know of haunted places in the area?