Did a little count and I've been to 44 of our 50 states.  The ones I've missed are Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, Ohio, Alaska and our 50th state of Hawaii.   And I've found out that since I have Hawaii on my bucket list---that might be a good place actually move to---WHY?  Turns out Hawaiians live the longest and are happier and have less stress than anywhere else here in the United States. 


So what's those Hawaiian's secrets?   Looks like it's loads of sunshine, that fresh Hawaiian air, lots of fresh produce, exercise, really good healthcare for Hawaiian workers, strong family ties, and it seems the pace of their lives is much slower than our let's say here in North Dakota.   Now you know!   Hmmmm--wonder if I need to pack my bags for a little trip to Hawaii.....that would sure beat shoveling lots of snow here this winter....