This isn't too bright of an idea in my book.  Didn't a football player from Notre Dame just do through some major embarrassment for having a "fake" girlfriend.   Check this out and see if this is really worth $250!!


Fake Internet Girlfriend is a service site that, for a mere $250 a month, will set you up with a fake Facebook girlfriend. You even get to be quote “In a Relationship.”

What else does the fee cover? Your fake girlfriend will leave or receive a few voicemails and send 10 timely texts.

Why on earth would you be in the market for a fake gf you never even speak with? Reasons range from bragging rights, to the serious stuff of keeping their private lives private (your own virtual beard), or a work-bias against singles who aren’t as likely to be serious and committed to a job.

No need to orchestrate a real-life romantic comedy, just set yourself up online ... fake girlfriends await! (Jezebel)