Looking for more space? Maybe you can buy all the land in North Dakota. But how much would that cost?

According to a recent study, the site 24/7 Wallstreet reports that all of the land in the United States (at least the contiguous 48 states excluding Alaska and Hawaii) would cost $23 trillion.

It's likely you can't afford that. Maybe buying all the land in just one state is more within your budget.

If you choose to buy all the land in North Dakota (not that it is for sale), it would run you an estimated $110 billion. That is a lot of money but if you consider the fact that we are talking about every single inch of land in an entire state, that actually doesn't seem like all that much.

Comparatively with the rest of the United States, it's not. North Dakota ranked 43 in terms of the 'Most Valuable States.'

There are 43.7 million acres of land in North Dakota with 99.7% of that land being rural. The average value of each acre of land is $2,517.

The most valuable state believe it or not is New Jersey. Each acre of land there averages to be about $196,410. With 4.7 million acres of land available, it brings the worth of New Jersey near $930 billion.

Wyoming is the least valuable state with an acre of land averaging $1,558 and the entire state's value is $97 billion.

It's probably in your best interest right now to just buy a couple of acres of land or less.

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