Hey--if you're like me---I'd be willing to guess that you have one particular person in your life who always seems to be happy---no matter what's going on in their lives.  And we always scratch our head and wonder---how do they do it---what IS their secret to being so happy?   Since I am your "Early Morning Radio Pal"--I have a handful of things that should make your life HAPPIER.   Print up this list and see IF I am right!


•Surround yourself with people who are HAPPY and OPTIMISTIC--it will rub off on you!

•Skip texting and get together with someone in person--you know face to face!

•ALWAYS try to look at the BRIGHT SIDE---no matter what!

•Get off your hind end and exercise

•Laugh ALOT--it really IS good for you!

•Spend your time and your money on OTHERS

•Instead of limited yourself to "small-talk" with someone----go for some deeper conversation.

Try these and see if they do the trick!